a conscious love awakening through reflective gained wisdom & poetry

"Love is Boundless"

A book of self-discovery, healing, love, & growth through the expression of poetry, conscious philosophies, & thought pieces. 

What was first only going to be a short chapbook containing 31 of my newest poems written during my "creative renaissance" period, is now an intentional collection of my work over the last 10+ years. In this book, I have compiled a total of 204 pieces of my work w 133 of them being poetry. The decision to piece together a collection just felt better aligned in capturing the essence & full embodiment of my book's title. I wanted to share the ranges of love I have fought to find on my path, the growing pains & heartache, & the self-love & romance that I nurtured through the years with healing & forgiveness. "Love is Boundless" is the arch I climbed & the valleys I trekked in search of the greatest love story ever told, the one I had been writing all along & didn't even realize it - my own.

"Self-love is the romance & healing is the dance." - xo sabrina 

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"Love is Boundless" 

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Meet the Author, Sabrina Pérez

Sabrina Pérez is an AfroLatina Certified Self-Love Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Poet, & Spiritually Conscious Writer, focusing her work on subconscious healing & shadow work. She has studied psychology, somatic trauma therapy, biology, human behavior, & consciousness to help her to understand how to support herself & others in their healing journeys.

 Sabrina began writing poetry at the age of 12, & went on to publicly perform some of her work while she attended California State University, East Bay in 2008. A woman of unshakable faith in God, she expresses gratitude to the messy journey of life, as she states:

"It's bigger than me. This mess I've made.. it's bigger than me. & God is using it - using me.. & my writing is how I share it. For whoever needs it, for all who read it." 

Inquiries & Bookings: loveisboundlessbook@thesabrinaperez.net

"Leavin' a trail of rose petals everywhere I go!" 

xo sabrina

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